Esca is a small country on the continent of Arciatus. It’s well known for it’s fishing economy. Esca is the starting location for the PCs in the game.

Important Locations
A.) Aelport
B.) Corlyn
C.) Valcoast

A.) Aelport is a small city, or a large town, that’s well known for it’s high-end restaurants and recreational pleasure boating for the rich. It’s said to serve the best fish in the world, at least by it’s residents. It also has a very large fishing and cooking community. Aelport is where the players begin their adventures in the game, in a small tavern in the quarter of the town devoted to the middle-class.

B.) Corlyn is the capital of Esca. It’s a bustling metropolis, with the largest fish market in the world. Where Aelport is for the rich, Corln is for the middle and lower classes. That’s not, however, to say that it’s a dump. It’s also a big tourist site as well as one of the major travel ports, with boats and airships coming in from all over the world. Thus, it has the money (and reason) to keep it’s streets clear of any trash.

C.) Valcoast’s claim to fame is that it’s the only city on the continent built on water. Using magitech to keep itself afloat, the large city is a bigger tourist spot than even Corlyn. The reason isn’t, however, food or a large market, but the largest gambling and racing community in the country. Sloop and airship racing, and the money placed on it, is what keeps the city’s economy alive. There are other forms of gambling, including many places for Three Dragon Ante, as well as numerous other games involving pools of money on the line.

There are numerous other small towns and villages, but the cities are covered here. The towns that you may encounter on your adventures will be wiki’d if anything important happens there.


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