Vaekanas is a island-continent with only one major settlement. Citadel City.

You can find the un-zoned map here.

So, what ARE all these places?

The Citadel Plains, close to the nicest area in all of Vaekanas, are a mix of rolling hills away from the city, and flatlands that stretch as far as the eye can see around Citadel City. They’re less than notable, when the settlers of Vaekanas look towards the many other zones that are less friendly.

The Rust Mountains are huge red and copper-colored plateaus and mountains that touch from the coastline to Drakal Forest, and protect Citadel Plains from becoming like the hellish Rust Echo.

Drakal Forest, named for the ruins found from one of the previous inhabitants of the island that litter the place. Drakal’s ruins are the most intact on the island.

The Rust Echo is a ravaged landscape that has been torn apart by magical means. The land, sundered and barren, is broken up into floating islands of red rock, as well as the ground, most of which sinks far below sea level in terms of elevation.

The Searing Blight is a zone that is not unlike the Echo in terms of life-bearing ability. Not only is the entire area is a sea of fire, ash and molten rock. (Which is odd, seeing that no volcanoes are present in the area,) the land is compeltely dead, as if even rock had life to give in the first place. A strange reddish mist covers the area, similar to the other blights in the area. Living things are incapable of growing, even the Fire-plants known in the Ring of Ash.

Mirage Forest is by far the strangest piece of the landscapes of Vaekanas, with different colors making up all parts of the wood, seemingly making a ring around an ancient underground kingdom believed to once be held by the ancestors of modern dwarves.

The Gravespire Plains is another relatively calm plain, set around a giant fortress, about as large as the Citadel, but completely locked up. Settlers in that area have been largely unsuccessful, with no settlements currently inhabiting the area of the fortress. Not only have none been able to enter it, but the land around it is not good for anything, resembling the dead land of Reaver’s Blight, without the choking mist. The plains it is set on is believed to be the remnant of a giant battlefield.

God’s Fall Ruins is an area made up of runed stone structures that are mostly destroyed or decaying. There is a structure of large note, about half as large as the citadel, it’s believed to be the oldest structure still standing on Vaekanas. The civilizations that built it is unknown, as is the interior.

Reaver’s Marsh is a swamp as thick and large as you could imagine, holding the main ruins of the Reavers, another race believed to live on Vaekanas in the past, around the same time as the Drakal. While the Drakal are believed to leave the current inhabitants the Gravespire, the Reavers are credited with the Citadel.

The Ring of Ash is a zone similar to Searing Blight, in the way that the landscape is made up of only Rock, ash and fire, but with two major differences. First, there are growing things here. Plants that evolved to bear the heat where most animals could not, known as Fire flowers. Secondly, there are volcanoes present on this end of Vaekanas, and lots of them. If viewed on a map, it would seem the volcanoes make up a ring around a Reaver structure that remains magically sealed, as the Gravespire does.

Reaver’s Blight looks like miles of death in every direction. Not only is nothing living, the ground is clouded by a thick green fog that makes it much more difficult to breathe. The amount of oxygen you get per breath becomes problematic, and most people start hallucinating, leading to many deaths in the area. As such, exploration has been short, at best.

Hive Point is an area whose ground is made of an unnatural slick, breathing substance. Known inhabitants are an insectoid species that have taken up residence and control of the area. They are extremely territorial and hostile to intruders. The ruins in the area are unidentifiable as any of the old civilizations known on the island.

((Bastion Isle is TBD at the moment.))

Sanctuary is the nicest and most gentle land in all of Vaekanas. Free of virtually any danger, these rolling hills and woodlands host no ruins, fields of flowers and peaceful critters. Even the land promotes a feeling of restfulness.

Dragonblade Forest, however, is quite the opposite. The Bladespire ruins in the area, tall and jagged, mixed with the darkness and strange noises in this forest promote fear and a feeling of being too small.

The Frost Peaks are home to snow-capped mountains that stretch from the southern coast to the Drakal Blight. This is the home of most of the abandoned cities of the supposed dwarven ancestors.

The Drakal Blight is the home of quite a few Drakal ruins, but also the same landscape as Reaver’s Blight, thus leading to very little exploration.

And last, but not least, the Bladespire Ruins. These plains feel anything but peaceful, with more of the Bladespire’s ancient buildings, as well as the constant black clouds overhead that the sun rarely penetrates.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


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